How to Repair Your Sunroof

How to Repair (Part 1)

You may be able to carry out some of the repairs without removing the headlining; but if you’re going to go the whole hog, you may as well take it out! This isn’t difficult; you just need the time and perseverance with removing lots of fixtures and fittings (and working out how it comes apart). Most roof linings should have some give and shouldn't break or kink too easily. You can also try to loosen part of it to gain access, e.g. one side, the front or back?

1. Sun Roof Frame Seal

Sunroof Bottom Half
Top half of sunroof (upside down)
Sunroof Top Half
Bottom half of sunroof
  1. Refer to your vehicle manual.
  2. Remove the headlining (feel free to try and carry out a repair without removing it, but it may be a struggle).
  3. Release the drain tube pipes (beware, the tubes can break off!)
  4. Release the sun roof motor connectors and earth connection (if fitted).
  5. Undo any screws that holds the motor to the sunroof drive (if fitted)
  6. Undo the screws holding the ‘drip tray’ to the sunroof frame.
  7. Lower the drip tray.
  8. The sunroof can then be removed, (there is no need to remove the glass).
  9. Clean the roof edge and sun roof mating surfaces to provide a good bond and seal.
  10. Apply a good quality sealant or vehicle mastic. Use good quality, or you may be back again later! (E.g. The good quality silicone normally contains a higher percentage of silicone and less 'filler' material).
  11. Replacement is the reverse procedure.
  12. Check for correct fitment and position as you go.
  13. Do not over tighten the screws; let the sealant do its job.
  14. Check the drain tube fixing points whilst your there (even if they don’t leak, or you could be back again later!) - See 2. Drain Tube Fixing points.


Sunroof Drain Tube Fixing Point
Using Araldite to re-fix the drain to the drip tray

The rear edge of the sunroof may have to be lifted first to clear the hole

2. Drain Tube Fixing points.

Note: Araldite is very good for re-sealing and provides for a more rigid fixing, (beware; the drain tubes can break off if you try to remove the pipes! Araldite can also be used to fix these!).