How to Repair Your Sunroof

How to Repair Your Leaking Sun Roof - Intro

This guide for repairing your sun roof (moonroof), applies to most vehicles fitted with a tilting glass sun roof. The same faults can apply to any vehicle, Renault Clio, BMW etc. The vehicle used is in this article is a Land Rover Discovery; (It has two sunroof's - Double trouble!).

SunroofThis article is split into two, 'The Causes' and 'How to Repair'.

The Causes (Fault Finding):

How to Repair:

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You may be able to cure a leak by repairing one of the faults. However, to ensure the leak is completely banished, you may want to consider looking at all the potential faults.


Note that this type of sunroof comes in two halves, the top half containing the glass and mechanism, the bottom half acts as a drip tray (this may have the motor attached).


You need water to have a leak! I’m stating the obvious, but some faults may only become apparent once the water has got in! I.e. If the drain tubes are working well you may not see the fault for some time? Note: if the sunroof to roof seal has gone then any water can bypass the drip tray and the drain tubes.