How to Repair Your Remote Key Fob

How to Repair your Remote Key Fob - Part 3

Key Fob Repair
This is the view after the silicone has dried (24 Hrs) with the plastic and circuit card removed.
Remote Key Fob Repair
Don't forget. You don't have to wait for the key fob to break. This photo shows the silicone applied to reinforce the key fob, before any cracks have appeared!
Keyless Entry System
As before, place a piece of plastic over the fresh silicone and insert the circuit card. Leave for 24 Hrs to dry (make sure the circuit card buttons are not depressed).
Key Fob Repair
When dry, remove the plastic, re-assemble the key fob and you should have a fully working key Fob. You can also get black silicone for a neater repair.