How to Repair Your Remote Key Fob

How to Repair your Remote Key Fob - Intro

A few years ago I had a quote for a replacement remote key fob (or remote keyless entry system) from the main dealer. This was just over £100 for the keyfob and £50 for reprogramming the keys ($240)! Searching the internet you can get replacement/second hand remote key fobs, but these still need to be re-programmed to your vehicle.

Remote Key Fob

Repairing your Key Fob

If the electronics have failed then I'm afraid it's a new key fob or sending it to a specialist repairer (make sure it's not just the key fob battery. If you can get into the vehicle, but it won't start, then it could be one of the vehicle control units / computer).

If the casing is broken (as in the image), then you can repair your key fob very simply without major cost! - Just follow the steps on the next page...