iPad Air - First Look


The New iPad Air (iPad 5)

Okay, I picked up my iPad Air on the release day (my first iPad). I had been waiting nearly 6 months for the new generation to come out and I was hoping for something special. And yes, its a big step up from the iPad 4!

iPad Air (iPad 5) - First Thoughts

The upside - It's now faster, thinner and lighter and comes with a 64-bit A7 chip, a new M7 coprocessor and the new ios 7 operating system.

The downside - Why do we have to pay £80 ($100) for an extra 16GB of storage capacity (flash memory), when you can buy a 16GB memory stick or SD card for just over £10 ($15). I don't know the answer, but this price difference doesn't add up?

Having said that, Wow it's good! It's a big step forward from the iPad 4.

So what do I do with a new iPad Air (or iPad 5 which some like to call it)? ...Lets make an un-boxing video.



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