Buying a Piano or Keyboard

Which one - A Piano, A Keyboard or Digital Piano?

If you ask a purist, an original type piano is the only one to go for. The feel, sound and texture of a piano…

How can I decide?

This is great if you intend to be the next great solo pianist! An original ‘type’ piano is a lovely instrument, but it needs to be looked after, tuned, and if you are keen, you’ll have to search to find one that hits the right spot! There are plenty of average original ‘type’ pianos out there, going for very reasonable prices, but there are also lots of duffers. Buying a new acoustic piano does not guarantee that you’ll get a good one. Always listen before you buy.

An electronic keyboard / piano does not have to be tuned. It will play a variety of sounds, and comes in every shape and size. There are cheap and cheerful versions, right up to the top of the range, where they are designed to look, feel and sound like a  concert grand and get very close to the real thing. You have the added benefit that most can be connected to a computer, and with the right type of software and leads, you can have your own mini recording studio. You can get any type and size to suit your need, portable, professional, modern, classical and of course...   Dependant on size, you can put it away if you're short on space.