Bicycle Trailer

Compare Bike Trailers

Not all Bike Trailers are the same. There are lots of different types from various suppliers. Some are exceptionally good value, but may be of a lesser quality, with fewer features. Some are incredibly expensive, but may have many top notch design features! We compared steel and aluminium frames, but found the difference in weight was marginal for the extra cost.

Please use the chart below to help compare the different types of Bike Trailer and features available.

Bicycle Trailer Comparision Table

Features Notes
Floor - Solid base   For hire and commercial use.
Floor - Canvas base - (thick)   For heavy family use.
Floor - Canvas Base - (thin)   For light family use .
Foot well   Better posture
Foot well - (none)    
Foot well - (reinforced)    
Seat - (none)    
Seat - (padded reinforced)    
Seat Folds to increase cargo capacity    
Single Seater    
Two Seater    
Seat Harness - (one seating position)    
Seat Harness - (two seating positions)    
Seat Harness - (three seating positions)   Provides better balance.
Elbow Room   Some trailers are a bit of a squeeze!
Head Height   Don't forget the cycle hat!
Pockets - (none)    
Pockets - (elasticated)   Stops items falling out.
Pockets - (small)    
Pockets - (large)    
Pockets - (qty)    
Rigid compartment structure - (full)   Provides good protection.
Rigid compartment structure - (partial)    
Cover material - (thick)   More durable and less likely to rip.
Cover material - (medium)    
Cover material - (thin)    
Bright high visibility colours    
Fly / dust screen   Stops flies & debris from rear wheel
Weather Screen    
Weather proof - (winter)    
Ventilation - (summer)    
Rigid side windows - (better visibility)   No distorted views.
Boot - (none)    
Boot - (weather enclosed)   If it rains, your stuff stays dry.
Side bumpers   See note 1.
Easily folds for transportation    
Bike connector    
Single connection    
Double connection   See note 2.
Instant connection    
Instant Connection - (to any bike) Without additional connectors   Allows anyone to tow.
Safety Strap   See note 3.
High visibility Flag    
Steel Construction    
Aluminium Construction    
Foldaway towing arm - (quick release)    
Tested to an approved European Standard - (genuine)   (see the section on Safety Standards)
Jogging kit - (none)    
Jogging kit - Attached to towing arm.   Small push chair type wheel (not as easy to push).
Jogging kit - Not attached to towing arm.   Correct configuration (larger wheel).
Full size jogger wheel   A proper bike wheel
Jogging kit fits in Boot   Allows you to take it with you.
Jogging Handle bar - (quick release)    
Handbrake - (bicycle type)   Gives you control when running.
Foot brake - (push chair type)   Parking
Quick assembly - (no tools required)    

Notes (see comparison table above):
  1. Trailers are wider than the bike. The side bumpers stop the wheels getting caught in a bush / post.
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  2. Trailer connection - Two methods are used for additional safety.
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  3. Safety strap - Used with the Jogger to ensure you are always attached.
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